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How to Return Comments

Returning comments seems fairly self explanatory – A visitor comments on your latest post, you visit her blog, and you comment on her latest post. It’s a process that should be easy, but thanks to the introduction of “blog etiquette,” returning comments has become complicated and confusing. Some bloggers, myself included, have been left unsure of what method is best. Should I reply to a comment on my blog or her blog? Should I address the content of the comment at all, or just respond to her latest post? What do I write if I have nothing genuine to say about her blog?

After years of irritation, I’ve concluded that you should reply to comments however the hell you want. Yes, I’m just as annoyed by short and unrelated comments as everyone else. But who am I to tell strangers what to do? This may be my blog, but I don’t own the internet. Anything goes here. That’s why porn sites and viruses exist. And while porn sites may burn virgin eyes and viruses may destroy computers, lame comments don’t really hurt anyone.

Of course, leaving off topic, single sentence comments is not going to make you any friends in the blog world. You have to make some concessions if you expect to have visitors ever again. So, I’ve composed a list of simple guidelines to follow to make returning comments a little easier.

1. You’re not required to address the comment you receive, but if you do, respond in your comments (only works with WordPress).
Unless someone asks a question or says something that makes my fingers tingle with the desire to type a response, I usually just go around and address the the topics in my commenters’ blogs. I usually forget what I write in comments after a few days, so I assume others forget as well. But if you must reply, use the nifty reply feature in WordPress. That way, you won’t have to flip back and forth between your blog and theirs, and they’ll receive a nice little email with your reply AND their comment. It’s more convenient for both parties.

2. If you have nothing to say about someone’s latest post, wait it out.
I keep a Notepad document titled “Revisits.” In said document, I keep the links of websites that haven’t been updated since I last commented or have blogs I just can’t relate to. I’m sorry, but I have nothing but sassy responses to a blog about how much someone hates her mother because she won’t buy her a pony. Seriously, though, I have a particularly difficult time leaving genuine, helpful comments on very emotional blogs. I’m cold and apathetic, and anything I would say would be phony. Still, that person commented me, so it would only be polite if I commented back. So I wait it out and respond on a happier day.

3. Don’t fret about comment length.
Some people are under the impression that you have to write a book for a comment to be meaningful. That’s a myth. I’ve found that the three-four sentence comments I receive usually have the greatest impact because many multiple paragraph comments are full of fluff. Don’t feel like you need to reply to every point in a blog, either. If only one point strikes you, just focus on that point.

4. If you really dislike a person, don’t comment back.
I adopted this policy very recently. I’ve always felt as if I need to return the favor to everyone because that was the polite thing to do. All this does, though, is guarantee you another undesirable comment and another undesirable trip to an undesirable blog. Is it a little mean? Maybe. But just as in offline life, there will always be people who rub you the wrong way. No need to make yourself miserable.

5. If you’re going to skim, do the old textbook trick.
Read the first and last sentence of the paragraph. I’m a fan of loosely related openings and contradictions, and too many people “skim” by just reading that first paragraph. The result? A comment that addresses the opposite of what I was trying to say. Reading the first and last sentence of every paragraph is not only quicker, but it gives you a better idea of what the blogger is actually saying. Try to read the whole post whenever you can, though. You’re not Superman, so you won’t always have the time, but it’s the best way to avoid awkward misunderstandings, and save yourself some grief.

With these tips, you should be golden. Damn the man if you’re not.